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Found Hat Press

news blog!

10/8/06 09:05 pm - himynameisjamie - Stick Figure Antho Vol. 1

I put together book one of the SFA tonight. After more than a year here is the info for book one:
Cover by Jess Fink

Who is in #1
jess fink
steven emond
corey mcdaniel
dave roman
ive sorocuk
jason turner
graham annable
phil mcandrew
tyler longmire

If you do not know who these people are please google them. I will try and add links tomorrow.
I plan on having one of these about every three months and will start putting together #2 after SPX. I will (re) set up a site for it then too.

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10/5/06 03:55 pm - heroprotagonist - SPX

SPX is about a week away! Except for Natasha and Ira, every single Found Hatter will be there this year. We're all extremely excited!

For those that don't know, SPX is the Small Press Expo in Bethesda MD on October 13th and 14th. Found Hat Press will be exhibiting at table A9, right next to the gigantic Fantagraphics booth. We'll have all sorts of comics and goodies with us and we will high five anyone that comes by to say hi!

Anyone else going to be there?!

8/22/06 01:14 am - heroprotagonist - Teen Drama: The Series

I'm rapidly developing an awkward high school crush on Tom McHenry's new internet-comic, Teen Drama: The Series, which updates week-daily on his website. There is also a livejournal feed for it here!

I wonder if Tom will go to the prom with me?

8/21/06 11:57 pm - heroprotagonist - Corduroy Skin

Did you know that Found Hat's very own Tyler McAndrew and Zach Chase are rock stars? They are. You can buy thier first EP here. More info on it here.

Also, check out their myspace page!

8/21/06 07:01 pm - heroprotagonist

It's the last week for stores to place their orders on current titles in the Previews catalog, which includes You Ain't No Dancer volume 2! Both Jamie and I have stories in this volume.

You Ain't No Dancer Vol. 2 is now available to order through Previews! Visit your favourite comic shop and get the hook up.
Featuring a wrap-around painted cover by Jeffrey Brown, You Ain't No Dancer Vol. 2 contains 23 new stories from indy-comic favourites and up-and-comers.
96 pages
6.75"x5" perfect bound
Cover Price: $8.95 US
Diamond Order Code: AUG063478 (Previews page 323)
In stores October 18th.
You Ain't No Dancer Vol. 1 is also offered again (Diamond code: AUG063480).
Vol. 2 Contributors:
Blaise Larmee
Jordyn Bochon
Colleen MacIssac
Liz Prince
Jeffrey Brown
Jeff Rowland
Neil Babra
Meg Hunt
Hope Larson
Patrick Murphy
Dalton Webb
Jason Turner
Grant Reynolds
Graham Kahler
Phil McAndrew
Mitch Clem
K Thor Jensen
Jeff Bent
Jon Sukarangsan
Jamie Dee Galey
Fred Grisolm
Dalton Sharp
Lilli Carré

New Reliable Press has a flyer that you can print off and bring into your favourite comic shop to ask them to order this book - it has all of the information they should need and includes a special (Diamond/Previews only) buying incentive for retailers. You can download and print the flyer from here.
Also: check out the new New Reliable Press site.

Ask your local comic shop to order a couple copies and Jamie and I will both give you like six high fives and a hug (butt squeeze optional) next time you see either of us in person! I promise you this is going to be a great book. I'm an enormous fan of pretty much every single person in this volume.

8/15/06 11:40 pm - heroprotagonist - Jamie DG!

Jamie Dee Galey has a new print for sale, beautifully colored by our buddy Joseph Bergin III. Jamie also has a big art sale going on as he attempts to raise enough money to buy himself a new computer. Help a brother out!

8/14/06 09:33 pm - heroprotagonist - Jess Fink on Drawn!

Jess Fink has been spotlighted on DRAWN!

8/14/06 02:38 am - heroprotagonist - Life Meter

The Life Meter mini comic, which Jamie and I both contributed to, is now available for purchase online! Go here and scroll down a little bit.

In case you missed it, Wizard Magazine said some nice things about the mini comic.

8/11/06 05:41 pm - finkenstein - Some publicity

One of the most awesome porn blogs on the net, Fleshbot.com wrote a little something about my comic today!


Also, the lovely Maggie fallingforward has created a feed for my comic and some of the others on Adultwebcomics.com, so add it and see all the comics when they update!


-Jess Fink

8/11/06 12:04 am - heroprotagonist - myspace?!

Found Hat Press is on myspace! Dang!

Want to be friends?!
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